Health Management

We consider “Respect for People” to be an important value and we believe that the health of our employees and their families is the foundation for a prosperous future for the Company. We have established the following “Health Declaration,” as follows, in order to promote the improvement of health awareness of each and every employee and the realization of a comfortable workplace by clarifying the health awareness of employees and their families from the viewpoint of “Health and Productivity Management”.

Hankyu Travel International "Health Declaration"

At Hankyu Travel International, we believe that the physical and mental health of our employees and their families is the source of happiness as well as the foundation of a rich future for society. In addition, we believe that, in order to deliver travel with "peace of mind and comfort" and "dreams and deep impressions" to our domestic and overseas customers through agent-organized tours, corporate group tours and holidays in Japan, having all of our employees being healthy and able to make the most of their diverse personalities and abilities is of the utmost importance. In order to achieve this, we have a high awareness of our own health, and work on health promotion together with our colleagues and family members. Hankyu Travel International hereby declares that the company and health insurance societies will work together under the slogan of the “Hankyu Hanshin Wellness Challenge” and actively support the health management of each and every one of our employees and strive to create a working environment in which they can work with vitality.

April, 2024
Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President,
Health Management Promotion Officer
Atsushi SAKAI

Priority policies of the "Hankyu Hanshin Wellness Challenge"


Physical Health

  • ・Raising of health awareness
  • ・Improving lifestyle habits, such as exercise and eating habits
  • ・Ensuring regular medical checkups (including for family members)
  • ・Prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, implementation of specific health instruction
  • ・Ensuring thorough examinations for those for which medical anomalies have been found, and ongoing treatment of those requiring medical attention
  • ・Cancer early detection measures
  • ・Promotion of quitting smoking

Mental Health

  • ・Conducting of stress checks
  • ・Conducting mental health education
  • ・Maintenance of the system for employees to take leave and return to work

Workplace Health

  • ・Securing work-life balance through optimization of working hours
  • ・Creating a workplace with a sense of vitality and unity
  • ・Implementation of measures against passive smoking

Indicators Based on Priority Policies

Physical HealthFY2020FY2021FY2022
Regular medical checkup rate100%100%99.9%
Specific health guidance rate20%44.2%32.4% (Preliminary)
Number who have received complete medical checkups369317335
Percentage who exercise regularly *123.1%25.3%23.2%
Mental HealthFY2020FY2021FY2022
Stress check examination rate87.4%93.1%88.0%
Highly stressed persons rate (Result of stress check)12%9.2%12.2%
Workplace HealthFY2020FY2021FY2022
Number of paid vacation days taken (Average)7.9 days13.1 days13.5 days
Percentage of paid vacation days taken*243.3%69.1%70.6%
Smoking rate*119.3%17.9 %17.1%
Average overtime*210 hours18 hours23 hours

*1: Out of insured persons aged 40 and over / *2: Out of employees (career track/regular positions)

Health Management Promotion System

We promote Health and Productivity Management with the Director in Charge of the General Affairs and Human Resources Department as general manager and the Head of the General Affairs and Human Resources Department as leader. We hold regular Labor/Management meetings to discuss health issues, and collaborate with health committees at each business site, industrial physicians, and the Hankyu Hanshin Health Insurance Association to continually analyze health issues and improve related measures.

Specific Initiatives

1. Physical Health

  • - Provide kencom, a health support app, free of charge to employees*
    The app allows users to manage their steps, weight, and behavioral goals, and provides health information tailored to the user.
    We also encourage employees to participate in “Minnade Arukatsu,” a walking event (held in the spring and fall) that utilizes this app, and that is hosted by the Hankyu Hanshin Health Insurance Society.
  • - Host events that encourage employees to improve their dietary habits
  • - Ensure employees undergo regular medical checkups
    The medical checkups cover a wider range of items than what is legally mandated. Employees can undergo complete medical checkups in lieu of the regular medical checkup. We also offer a partial subsidy (Hankyu Hanshin Health Insurance Society) for the cost of complete medical checkups/brain checkups. (Aiming for 100% adherence to regular medical checkups)
  • - Reinforce specific health guidance
    We encourage employees to participate in specific health guidance programs, with the aim of preventing the onset and progression of illnesses caused by lifestyle-related diseases. (Target rate: 60%)
  • - Conduct cancer screenings (Fully subsidized)*
    We provide and offer full subsidies for mail-out cancer screenings*1 and gynecological independent medical examinations*2.
    *1: Tf colorectal cancer screening (two-day testing), stomach cancer screening, lung department lung cancer screening, human papillomavirus screening (women only), prostate cancer screening (men only)
    *2: Breast cancer/cervical cancer screening (Screening items: Cervical cytology and mammography/breast ultrasound)
  • - Operate outpatient smoking cessation programs (Fully subsidized)*
  • - Offer subsidies for influenza vaccination costs (Fully subsidized)
    In some areas, group vaccinations are conducted on workplace premises. The cost of individual vaccinations is also fully subsidized.

2. Mental Health

  • - Conduct stress checks
    Stress checks are conducted in all workplaces, including those with fewer than 50 workers, in order to improve work environments.
  • - Offer health consultations/counseling services*
    We provide a 24-hour phone health counseling service (phone) and mental health counseling service (phone/online).

3. Workplace Health

  • - Have implemented a flextime system and half-day leave system
    These programs help to optimize working hours and ensure proper work-life balance/personal time.
  • - Implemented a system to shut down computers
    We set computers to shut down at designated times in order to reduce overtime work.

*Initiatives are led by the Hankyu Hanshin Health Insurance Society.

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