February 22, 1948
Launched airline agency business as the agency division of "Hankyu Corporation"
October 5, 1960
Split from Hankyu Corporation and launched as "Hankyu Kokusai Kotsu-sha"
April 1, 1962
Merged with a sister company “Hankyu Kotsu-sha”, whose main business was domestic travel, and changed the company name to “Hankyu Kotsu-sha” the next day, on April 2.
April 28, 1964
“Hankyu Kotsu-sha Tokyo Building” completion A
January 18, 1977
Established first overseas subsidiary as a travel business, Hankyu Express USA, Inc.
February 1, 1991
Merged with the Hankyu Group's travel company "Nihon Kanko Club" based in Kyushu
April 1, 2005
Became a core operating company with the establishment of holding company "Hankyu Holdings, Inc."
October 1, 2006
With the business integration of "Hankyu Holdings, Inc." and "Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd.", became a core operating company of "Hankyu Hanshin Holdings, Inc."
October 1, 2007
Launched as "Hankyu Kotsu-sha Ryoko Jigyobunkatsu Junbi Kabushikigaisha", in order to succeed the travel business of "Hankyu Kotsu-sha" via an absorption-type split
April 1, 2008
With the move of the former "Hankyu Kotsu-sha" to an intermediate holding company and change of name to “Hankyu Hanshin Kotsu-sha Holdings”, the travel business and the international transportation business split, and the company was re-launched as travel business operator "Hankyu Kotsu-sha"
April 1, 2010
With the reorganization of travel business of intermediate holding company “Hankyu Hanshin Kotsu-sha Holdings, Inc.”, the company launched as the media-sales-centric, new “Hankyu Kotsu-sha” and the business-travel-centric “Hankyu Hanshin Business Travel"
April 1, 2013
Became the core business company of Hankyu Hanshin Holdings's travel business

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