Human rights

We respect the human rights of all people and
strive to realize a society free of discrimination.

Initiatives concerning respect for human rights



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In accordance with our "Basic Philosophy Concerning Respect for Human Rights" and the "Basic Policy Concerning Respect for Human Rights," which are clearly stated in the Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group, we have established rules concerning respect for human rights in our Code of Conduct and Compliance Code, and we are working to respect the human rights of all people, including our customers, business partners, and employees of the Group. We are also working to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in our group companies and business partners.

Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Basic Philosophy Concerning Respect for Human Rights - Basic Policy

Hankyu Travel International Code of Conduct (excerpt)

We will protect personal dignity and create a comfortable and fair working environment

Providing our customers with creative, high-quality services requires an environment in which the employees who produce the services are always able to fully demonstrate their abilities. We aim to create a workplace where each and every employee respects each other's humanity and individuality and can work with vitality.

Hankyu Travel International - Compliance Code (excerpt)

Relationship with employees

●Prohibition of discrimination
In addition to personality, gender, age, and physical characteristics, we respect and recognize birth, nationality, education, creed, religion, race, ethnicity, intellectual or physical disabilities, medical history, hobbies, social status, and other factors that form an individual, and do not discriminate based on personal characteristics. We will respect the human rights and personality of each of our employees and always treat them fairly.

●Responding to sexual harassment, power harassment, and moral harassment
We will not engage in any sexual harassment, such as sexual comments, actions, or behaviors that may be perceived as “distressing” by the opposite sex.
In addition, we will not use our position to engage in any conduct that constitutes power harassment, which is a continuous violation of character and dignity. Other than that, we will not engage in any behavior that constitutes moral harassment, such as inflicting mental anguish on those who are an inferior position to us.

As a social entity

●Respect for human rights
We respect all human rights, including those of our customers, business partners and employees, and do not discriminate unfairly on the basis of gender, age, nationality, or religion, etc.
We will actively work from a corporate standpoint toward the realization of a society free of discrimination.

Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy and Statement

Hankyu Travel International Europe UK Ltd and the Hankyu Travel Group reveal publicly that the statement, based on section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015.

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