Corporate Philosophy

Create new value through the
interaction of people and contribute
to the development of
an enriched and peaceful society.

Management Philosophy

We will make our customers' dreams come true through creative travel and share in their satisfaction.
The "smiles of our customers" ... that is the source of our growth.
We will contribute to regional revitalization and the interaction of people through travel.
"A healthy society" ... that is our wish.
We are a company in which each and every employee is a main player.
“Working at Hankyu Travel International” ... that is what we pride ourselves on.

Code of Conduct

We will comply with laws and regulations and conduct our business activities from the customer's perspective.
We will comply with the laws and regulations not only of Japan but of countries around the world and conduct our business activities based on high ethical standards. We will put ourselves in our customers' shoes, refine our sensitivity to their needs and wishes, and conduct our business activities in a way that meets their expectations.
With high creativity, we will provide services that we can be proud of as professionals in our field.
In order to bring customers "joy and excitement" in this knowledge-based society, we will engage in further self-study, with high creativity, and provide excellent services as professionals equipped with more specialized knowledge.
We will protect personal dignity and create a comfortable and fair working environment.
Providing our customers with creative, high-quality services requires an environment in which the employees who produce the services are always able to fully demonstrate their abilities. We aim to create a workplace where each and every employee respects each other's humanity and individuality and can work with vitality.

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